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Antos changes name to Nova Dog Chews.


If you are reading this, then you will probably already know that we have changed our name from Antos to Nova Dog Chews!

You may be wondering what has prompted the name change after 17 years?

When we first started way back in 2004, we set up Antos Ltd in the UK to distribute the dog chews from Antos BV in the Netherlands. A company we still have a great relationship with.

However, over the years we have developed some of our own brands, such as Highland Antler, Yak snack, and Paddock Farm, therefore we decided to change our name to Nova Dog Chews. We still distribute all the same products, including those from Antos BV.

In 2021 we also established Nova Dog Chews SAS in France, where we can service all our European customers.

Should you wish any further information on Nova Dog Chews Ltd (or Nova Dog Chews SAS), then please get in touch.