Bone Broth and Sauce

At Nova Dog Chews, we’re committed to providing high quality, nutritious products for your pets. This brings us on to our new products which we are so excited to share. Our new Bone Broths and Sauces, that are designed to enhance your pets diet and well-being.

Our Bone Broths come in four delicious flavours; moose, duck, beef and chicken. Each flavour is slow cooked to ensure the maximum nutrients are extracted and the fats removed. This provides a rich source of collagen and protein for your dog, all while remaining low in calories. Bone Broth is the perfect addition to your pet’s dry, wet or raw food, or even for a refreshing hydrating treat.

Our Sauces are available in four savoury flavours: lamb, duck, beef and chicken. Sauces are perfect to be used as a food topper to entice picky eaters or to add variety to your pets’ meals. The Sauce is rich in nutrients such as collagen and glucosamine meaning, our Sauce not only enhances the flavour of your pets’ meals but also supports healthy joints, glossy fur and strong nails.

Both of our Bone Broths and Sauces are 100% natural, whether you’re looking to boost your pets’ hydration, add nutrition, or simply treat them to something special, our Bone Broths and Sauces are the perfect addition to their diet.