Bone Broth and Sauce

At Nova Dog Chews, we’re committed to providing high quality, nutritious products for your pets. This brings us on to our new products which we are so excited to share. Our new Bone Broths and Sauces, that are designed to enhance your pets diet and well-being.

Our Bone Broths come in four delicious flavours; moose, duck, beef and chicken. Each flavour is slow cooked to ensure the maximum nutrients are extracted and the fats removed. This provides a rich source of collagen and protein for your dog, all while remaining low in calories. Bone Broth is the perfect addition to your pet’s dry, wet or raw food, or even for a refreshing hydrating treat.

Our Sauces are available in four savoury flavours: lamb, duck, beef and chicken. Sauces are perfect to be used as a food topper to entice picky eaters or to add variety to your pets’ meals. The Sauce is rich in nutrients such as collagen and glucosamine meaning, our Sauce not only enhances the flavour of your pets’ meals but also supports healthy joints, glossy fur and strong nails.

Both of our Bone Broths and Sauces are 100% natural, whether you’re looking to boost your pets’ hydration, add nutrition, or simply treat them to something special, our Bone Broths and Sauces are the perfect addition to their diet.


Nova Dog Chews joins The Nutriment Company

Nova Dog Chews is delighted to announce that as of the 1st of September, we have joined The Nutriment Company group of companies. The Nutriment Company was founded in Sweden in 2014 with the vision to become a leader within natural premium pet food focussing on raw food. The Nutriment Company gathers entrepreneurs that are passionate about natural pet food to join forces and today The Nutriment Company consists of nine strong group companies selling across Europe – making The Nutriment Company the proud European leader within natural premium pet food.

Antoon Murphy and Lloyd Murdoch, founders and co-managing directors of Nova said: “We are proud and excited to join The Nutriment Company. They are the largest player in natural pet food in Europe and we look forward to joining the pack of brands and entrepreneurs under its roof. We have had a great journey building Nova across Europe for the past 18 years, and we now look forward to taking the next step together with the The Nutriment Company team, and are excited about the opportunities that will come from joining The Nutriment Company.”

For more information on The Nutriment Company, please visit:



Latest news

Antos changes name to Nova Dog Chews.


If you are reading this, then you will probably already know that we have changed our name from Antos to Nova Dog Chews!

You may be wondering what has prompted the name change after 17 years?

When we first started way back in 2004, we set up Antos Ltd in the UK to distribute the dog chews from Antos BV in the Netherlands. A company we still have a great relationship with.

However, over the years we have developed some of our own brands, such as Highland Antler, Yak snack, and Paddock Farm, therefore we decided to change our name to Nova Dog Chews. We still distribute all the same products, including those from Antos BV.

In 2021 we also established Nova Dog Chews SAS in France, where we can service all our European customers.

Should you wish any further information on Nova Dog Chews Ltd (or Nova Dog Chews SAS), then please get in touch.