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Nova Dog Chews prides itself on a diverse range of sub-brands, each offering premium options for canine satisfaction.

Paddock Farm represents the ethos of farm-fresh, sustainably sourced treats that cater to a dog’s need for healthy, delicious snacks. The Yak Snack line brings forth durable, long-lasting chews crafted from cow milk, ideal for promoting dental health and keeping dogs entertained. Highland Antler chews stand out as all-natural, nutrient-rich chews sourced from shed deer antlers found in the highlands, providing calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and jaws. Additionally, the Buffalo Horn line offers robust and sturdy chews, while the Antos collection provides high-quality low-fat chews. Each sub-brand under Nova Dog Chews embodies a commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and diverse textures, ensuring dogs have an array of safe, enjoyable, and healthy chew options to meet their varying needs.